Saturday, December 22, 2007

O holy Dog, the RockStars are brightly shining...

Christmas is here again, but this time with my sister Mati for the first time.

Speaking of Mati, Dad took these photos of us in the middle of the night, but unfortunately he had to get up and turn the light on - which woke me up. I wasn't feeling well and Mati was sticking close....

She was close alright, until Dad goes to the bathroom. Now look where she is! She does this often. Dad just needs to stop getting out of bed!

Thank you to everyone for such warm thoughts and asking for us. Dad's been busy with his work, he's been working so much that Mati and I leave him with at computer and go to bed without him!

As for me, well, I still have the hot spots. They have been bad this year as always, but Dad and I get through it. Dad took me for a treat today and I went with him to Ft. Myer, you know, so I can do patrol duty. It's a great place, very pretty, lot's of nice lawns and shrubbery.

On behalf of Mati, Dad, and myself, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dog Got It !

Dog Got it! No, Dad Got it!

I thought those presents were for Mati and I, but they weren't. I don't get it. Look at each of the cards below. Do you see one biped on any card? No, not a one! I think they are for us. An Authentic Patriots jersey, a Red Sox edition Monopoly, and a GPS Collar??? Hmmm, I'm not sure about that one, maybe it's for Dad so he doesn't get lost... but I'll play Red Sox Monopoly!

But anywho, Dad want's to thank Betsy, Lori, Hope, & Heather for the gifts and for a yummy lunch too (which by the way we didn't get any of...)

The shirts you saw on the last blog were from the "FL Couzins" - our Aunt Angela, John, and the catz Boots, Cutlass, and Minnie.

Well, at least I get to go for rides with Dad in the car a lot these days, even if I never get any presents at all ever. Well, there usually are Christmas presents, and sometimes Birthday presents too, the Easter presents, the occasional surprise present, but outside of that, never ever ever!

By the way, Mati is doing well - of course. And me? More hot spots. Just when we thought 60ml a day of Aloe was good...not to mention the bath, lotions etc...I got two more hot spots. I hate hot spots. I hate drinking aloe, oh, and I hate hot spots. Did I mention I hate hot spots? Dad's changing my food now. He says a home cooked or partial home cooked meal will help. He is looking at Timber Wolf Organic, Wellness, and Honest Kitchen foods. I hope he makes up his mind soon. I want a steak.

Well, that's all for now, Happy Sunday, Love "I hate hot spots" Rocky

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Presents for me?

Dad got these in the mail today, I hope it's something for Mati and I. They came thru the mail slot, but I didn't open them. When Dad came home he asked me to open them, and...I did. Here I am,

Oh wow, look at what we got... hmmmm, LIFE IS GOOD! (enlarge the picture to see it better)

I wonder if this is the right size for me? And look, another one - that must be Mati's.

Anywho, thanks again everyone for your well wishes. We are still doing well and the hot spots are going away thanks to Dr. KD's advice with the aloe. I don't particularly like drinking it, but it helps and Dad takes it too just to show me it's ok! (personally, I think he likes it...yuckie!)

Love you all, Rocky

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


HaRooooo! Rocky the Rockstar here! Mati and I have been "away" as Dad says for several weeks. If it wasn't for Meghan at The Veterinary Holistic & Rehabilitation Center maybe Dad wouldn't feel so ashamed for letting our blog dangle like this! Shame on him!

Well, he does have his hands full now. I'm in my hot spot season and I have a bunch of spots. Just great, more nick names; now he's calling me Mr. Hot Spot, Spot, Mr. Boo (short for BooBoo), but he still calls me 'the handsomest guy ever' - that one I like.

Dad took this picture a few days back with his telephone. He was working at the kitchen table and we were getting tired waiting for him. Mati loves me. SHE laid down next to me - I was already there.

On the news front, little Ms. Mahts decided to go out for a while today. Dad was working at the kitchen table and said, Rocky, go get Mati! I didn't know what to do, because I already knew she wasn't in the house. Dad got up and looked around. Then he started running around. Then he looked under beds, in the basement, in the back yard... he was making me tired because I couldn't keep up with him. Finally, he bolted out the front door and onto the front lawn, he looked left and then right. In the distance stood a neighborhood couple on their front lawn. They waved at Dad and said 'something something Dog'. Dad knew it was Mati. He ran down the street and there was Mati giving kisses and tail wags to a gaggle of kids. She was just having so much fun. Dad ran up to her and dropped to he knees hugging her. She bow'd and tucked her head under Dad's leg, as if to say....well, you know.

The neighbor said she was walking down the street in the direction of our daily walks, sniffing the lawns as she went. They called her over thinking Dad didn't let her go out alone - and she gladly obliged seeing the plethora of smiling faces waiting for her. They said she has been so sweet with all the kids. Dad told her how thankful we were and how panic'd he became when I didn't know where to find her. They are nice neighbors and they have a brand new pupper themselves! Dad says we are lucky to have such a great neighbors and neighborhood.

About me: I'm still going to PT twice a week, getting injections, and now aloe, chlorehexdine-shampoo baths (only on the hot spots) nightly and other stuff too. (I sat on the floor with the Doctor tonight and gave her kisses, I thought she could use them). In addition to this stuff, he still does his special walks with me and is trying to keep me exercising properly. Gosh I'm tired thinking about it.

Love you all, and thank you for all your kind words and sorry it has taken so long to get back in the groove. Sophie, thanks for your 2nd message!

Love Rocky and Mati!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time for PT

Hello All, Rocky here. Thanks to everyone again for such warm wishes and thoughts. Dad drove me to Physical Therapy yesterday. It was my first time in the under-water tread mill. We go back on Thursday. The nice people at the Doctor's office said I did really well given it was my first time. We also have specific exercise related things to do every day from now on. Dad's making do weird things like stepping over things and walking off and on curbs.

Anywho, I just wanted to check in and say all is going well for me right now.

By the way, Mati's bedroom is finally finished. Dad re-named the "frappuccino" color paint that he made up to "frappaccini" instead. But then he realized that it's really Mati's room now, so it's now called "Mataccini". After he made up the color, he took a sample to that stupid Orange store and had them match it - to make up enough to do the room. If anyone wants the color mix code - just let us know!

Bye for now, Love Rocky.

PS. Dad came home smelling like new critters.... he said he saw these little one's at Scott and Dana's house. 3 Chocolate and 4 Dark Chocolate. I don't know what he means, but now I want something sweet...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pardon me while I attempt to get some sleep.

As if Dad doesn't have enough to do. He painted my bedroom Cappuccino color. He should of asked for some color advice from Dave. Now he wants to repaint it Frappuccino color. It looks more like toast to me right now... boy all this talk about food is making me hungry.

But now I've been crowned! Yes that's right, Dad figured since he was painting, he might as well put up crown molding and give me a more majestic looking room. Again, as if he doesn't have enough to do.

See the sample Frappuccino color he splashed up there? I don't know why he calls it that - he absolutely refuses to go to RockStarBucks to get coffee since they treated him so bad, charge exorbitant prices, spilled hot coffee on him, and gave him a muffin with a piece of glass in it. He says they will never get money from us again...better in my dog bowl then theirs he says. anywho, let me digress.

Here's the scoop on the Rock: Dad took him last night to see another doctor. They were gone for almost 3 hours! I was a bit worried, but they came back and told me all about it. The doctor said that obviously his hips were in disastrous state and there was no fixing that without surgery. However, there are all kinds of therapeutic things they can do to help build up the muscle in his rear legs to help him move his legs better - and perhaps shots to help the joint move a little easier. He got one last night. I think the doctor said all his joints were "crunchy" - which doesn't sound good. But I'm not sure since Dad was calling him Crunchy last night. In either case, Rocky slept really well after he came home and slept soundly last night too - I was keeping an eye on him from my Camo bed.

Well, that it for now - hugs and kisses to everyone, Love Mati

Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's A Rockstar Life

Hi Everyone, Rocky Dodge here. I guess the aches and pains come with being a Rock Star. The doctor visit went ok at the Hope Center in Vienna Virgina. (I thought it was a gooood sign that the name of the place is "Hope" - since Mati's middle name is Hope too)! First a nice person 'Laura' helped check me out. She was nice. Then, the Doctor came in. She was a nice doctor who said she had GSD's at home. And she had a unique accent - that oddly enough made me feel at ease. Hmmm, I wonder what das accent was? Well, anywho, she was a really nice Doctor and Dad liked her too. This Wed night we have a 3rd appointment with yet another specialist. We still have to keep our paws crossed.

Oh, and Thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and posts from last week.

Dad took this picture of me a few minutes ago. He needed help painting so I was standing by - ready to serve.

Then Dad noticed something interesting. Since my hips hurt, Dad has been feeding me on the floor - I lay down and he puts the bowl between my front paws. And Mati eats right along side. But here are the results:

Here's My Dish:

And here is Mati's Dish:

Dad starting to mix in his food with "our" food. I wonder if he ever tasted "our" food? I don't have to wonder why Mati won't eat "our" food. She takes out most pieces and licks off the good stuff and leaves the rest behind. I only eat it because Dad asks me to finish eating... otherwise, I would leave some behind in the bowl too.

Then Dad went into the room he was getting ready to paint - and asked Mati to go finish eating. This is what she said to him:

She wouldn't budge. Well, except for sticking her tongue out at Dad.

Friday, September 21, 2007

HaRoo To You!

HaRoo all! Mati here! First I want to say thanks to everyone for asking how Rocky and I are doing. Especially to cute Pippa Dog! I am just Ducky and well, Rocky is the Bee's knees! He's such a good younger brother!

Yesterday, Dad was walking both Rocky and I and Dad stopped to fiddle with the plastic baggies. He dropped Rocky's lead and Rocky took a step away. Dad said: "Rocky! Heal!". And Rocky turned and me. Of course. Who else would he heal to? Then Dad came home during the daytime while we were sound asleep. Dad walked in and found the Rockstar sleeping on the bed.... next to me. Of course. Who else would he sleep next to?

Yeah, he's alright. And Rock's feeling better too. He goes on Tuesday to see a Paw-orthopedic doctor. I have my paws crossed for him.

It's been a while since Dad has helped us with the 'puter. Dad says our reader says we are 50 posts behind! Yikes!! We have a lot of catching up to do.

Ok, here's a shot of Dad waking me up the other night. Did he really have to wake me? I was catching some zzzzzz's until I slipped off the bed. (Personally, I hate the bed, but I make Dad feel good by using it sometimes.)

Ok, off for now. Dad says we have to catch up on what everyone is doing.

Thanks again for all you thoughts and emails!

Kisses, Love Mati

Sunday, September 9, 2007

One Day at a Time

Hi All. Rocky here. I want to first thank everyone for their warm thoughts regarding my ailments. Mati is doing well, and I am doing somewhat better.

I can walk down the street like I normally do every morning. But the stairs are a pain. Dad doesn’t assist me when I traverse the stairs now, but he still walks along side like The Hunchback of Notre Dame waiting for me to fall.

Getting up and laying down is much easier with all the carpeted rooms now. Sometimes I yelp when I lay on my hip. This is new, I’ve never done that before.

Dad thinks that with time, diet, and medication as necessary – that I’ll be back to my old self again. Perhaps I will be able to prepare my own meals. After all, I have the magic cold box trick all worked out.

A note about this picture. Dad was stitting at the kitchen table. He looked over and this is what he saw. I had laid down with my duckie and Mati laid down on her kitchen bed watching over me. He had to snap the pic and make me post it. I do have to admit, Mati is a good sister. (Note to Pippa – not only is she cute and smart, but she’s caring too).

On different news, we have a guest. Her name is Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee") which is a Celtic (Irish or Scottish I think) name for something… not sure. Anywho, Ceilidh is our sweetheart neighbor Border Collie. She’s missing her Mom and Dad. They had received some urgent news and asked if they could leave her here for a day or two. "Of course" I said!

I’m not sure they realize how much Ceilidh could help in matters like this. She really wanted to go with them and keep them safe and make them feel loved, but Dad says that sometimes you have to do what is best – and in this case, Ceilidh be our house guest. I bet she will help them feel better when they come home.

Ceilidh came over and showed us all her teeth. Apparently she is very proud at how clean they are. Now she just follows me around the house giving me kisses. Dad says I’m not allowed to kiss her back. I’m not sure why. She doesn’t kiss Mati though. Mati showed Ceilidh how she can make herself appear taller and do a Husky-Don King impersonation. It’s quite fascinating I have to admit – she almost looks like a blonde porcupine. I felt sort-of left out. I figured I better show Ceilidh and Mati some trick too. So I attempted ventriloquism with my Duckie, but that didn’t work out so well. So then I showed them how I can get a cookie by just using my brain waves – bingo. That worked. I think they enjoyed that.

Well, time for medication – which is odd in a way. Every time Dad says it’s medication time, he calls me Martini and tells me to take my pill or he’s going to get nurse Ratched.

Anywho, here is a quick pic of Ceilidh...

Isn't she just a Q-T-Girl?

Thanks again, and we will keep you updated.

XO to all - Love Rocky

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

We will start with the Bad:

Remember months back how Dad left Rocky and I to go to Cape Cod and he gave us pictures from the Cape and various places he went like the Massachusetts Maritime Academy? Remember seeing this picture?

Well, Dad said this was the Top Mast from the USS Indianapolis. It is not! A nice gentleman from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy contacted Dad and pointed out the Top Mast in the photo is from the USS Constitution! Now that's a big wooops! How could Dad do that to me? "Old Ironsides" and the Indianapolis are two way different ships from different time periods!!! Good Gosh Dad! What were you thinking?

Here's a photo of the USS Constitution:

And here's a photo of the USS Indianapolis:

Do you see the difference? Ah, yeaaaaah.

And to prove it, here is the inscription from the Mast:

Ok, enough said about the Bad.

Here is the Good

The good news is no news. You know the saying. Well, Doctor G took another Psample from me today. She said my first Psample from last week was purified water. She said that wasn't good, but didn't tell any tails (hehehe) about me either. So, Dad's trying to solve a leakage problem that I've been having...and no news yet. We will just have to wait until Monday! Keep your paws crossed!

Ok now. Here is where it gets Ugly

Rocky went with me to the see Doctor G today. She's such a nice Doctor, we give her kisses too. Rocky had X-Rays done on his rear legs and hips. He's been having an increasingly hard time walking. Doctor G didn't have good news. Rocky now has meds for his hips. I could tell, Dad was upset. I gave him kisses.

Dad takes good care of Rocky - he even came home with big sets of carpets in Rocky's big blue truck. He covered all the exposed hard wood floors in the house. Dad said that the people in the big orange depot store could tell that Dad needed carpet fast - and so he told them why he was in buying the carpets...and they took 50% off one of two rolls because, in not so many words, they felt bad for the Rockstar. Dad said he was touched by their compassion and sincerely kind thoughts.

More will follow. God Bless Rocky. Love Mati

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Middle Name

Hey all! Mati here.

Dad thought about it long and hard and he said it was a difficult job to come up with my middle name. However, after all that work, he and I agree that my middle name is Hope.

Mati Hope. Sounds kinda nice doesn't it?

H - Happy
O - lOving
P - Persistent
E - Expressive

He said it fits me well. After all, all he had to do was take my best characteristics and plan it out!

Thanks for visiting, and keep your paws crossed since Dad and I go talk with my new Doctor tomorrow. Nothing serious, but we should be sure! We'll keep you informed. Have a great Tuesday-After-Labor day!

ps. Here's a photo that Robin the Photographer took of me...

Love Mati

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rocky Dodge

Since we were TAG’d for our middle names, Dad finally has one done…. and after much consideration, Dad has given me the middle name of Dodge.

He said it’s a two fold meaning. He said it holds much respect and representation of good character. Character is what a person is made of – while personality is what we can see. It’s sometimes hard to know a person’s character, since we base it mainly on personality. With that in mind, Dad says he can see my character, as most bipeds can see it in there Canines. Canines have no reason for deception, no political office to hold, no Hollywood vanity or airs to put on. As Dad says, they (canines such as me) live only to be happy and to be with their biped – as I do with Dad. The respect and representation is broken down as:

D - Dependable – ever so faithful
O - lOving – affectionate, passionate, and has much adoration
D - Devoted – just so dutiful and attentive
G - Gentle – calm, mello, and soft spoken, never raises his voice
E - Expert – and an expert that can do most anything

The second fold of the Dodge name comes from John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge. In 1901, the Dodge brothers, trained as machinist, won a contract to build transmissions and parts for Oldsmobile. Then in 1902 they helped a guy named Henry Ford start his own business. They loaned Henry money and built engines and parts for him. They continued this Ford relationship thru 1913, building almost all engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, and frame parts for Fords. In 1914, they started their own business called, you guessed it, Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. In 1928, Walter P. Chrysler, Dad’s other favorite character (from Wamego Kansas) bought the Dodge company and the rest as they say, is history. The Dodge brothers built what they had - based on quality and hard work. Just like the Expert, Devoted, Dependable GSD Dad says I am today.

Wait a minute! How can I be an expert you say? Well, I help Dad with Everything! and, well, ….Dad says I should tell this rather embarrassing story. I really don’t want to, but I will.

Dad left me! He did. He went to New York City for several days. He stayed with a friend in lower Manhattan, between WTC and South Street. He came home with tons of good smells! Anyway, Jean, my dear biped-friend would come by to see me. I have to admit, I was a bit upset with her coming and going. So when she left, she gave me a milk-bone, put the box on top of the fridge, and would go out the front door. I accidentally stole the box off the top of the fridge and ate the whole thing. It was an accident. Jean came back and after seeing what I did, went to the store and bought another box. This time, when she left, she put the box on top of the fridge again and made sure it wasn’t on the edge. When she returned, the box from the fridge was gone. I accidentally ate the whole box again. How could I possible get the box off the top of the fridge she wondered? I’ll never tell. Well, you would think the story would end there. It didn’t. Three times a charm you say? Yes, apparently so. I did it again. It was an accident I tell you. Funny enough, I didn’t get any more biscuits during that time that Dad was away.

So then Dad thought to take a measuring tape to me. Hmmmm, just as he thought. From my nose to my tail’s end, 5 Feet, 7 inches. Just like Dad!! Surely he doesn’t use his tail to get on top of the fridge? Ok, without the tail, 4 Feet, 3 inches. Obviously enough length, added to my 30 inch height to help me get up there, don’t you think? Still, he wonders.

Unfortunately, my arthritis prevents me from standing up on two legs anymore…. But not to worry, I have ways! Besides, I’m a quadruped, not a biped!

Dad says he will ask Mati for her middle name and will post it soon.

Thanks for stopping by – Love Rocky.

p.s. Here's a picture of an ad from way back when, you can't tell me that the Dodge Brothers didn't underestimate the value of a good dog:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

HaRoo Dad!

Dad was gone for a whole day. woo.

I missed him, but I had friends come by and someone stay to help ease the pain. woo.

You know, before Mati came to live here, I never woo'd before. I wonder why?

Anywoo, Dad walked in the door this afternoon (it's about time I may add) and he had strange smells on him. I had to stop wagging my tail and tell him to HOLD UP and let me do the BIG sniff. EL-LO??? (Hello in English) Who is this I wondered with a British accent even though I'm German who lives in America but speaks Japanese.

Chichi zenjutsunotoori... oh, sorry... Then Dad showed me pictures, he said this was Ruby, my new New York Cousin - who owns person Cerene. Ruby came to Adopt her new bipeds a few months back .... here she is:

And here she is in her own pool! eh-hmmm. Ah Dad??? When am I going to get my own pool that I won't necessarily use?? I'm just thinking about Mati of course.

Well, we welcome Ruby to our ever growing family of biped-owners!

Sayonara and Good night! - Love Rocky

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We found Duckie!!

Dad came home from work and said: "Hey, why don't you look behind the movies for Duckie...

And then I did and BINGO! Duckie!

He was hiding somewhere behind the Godfather and Columbo. Which reminds me, I never know if Dad is going to interrupt himself and comment on my fur or start talking like he has cotton balls in his mouth and "Make me an offer I can't refuse...". I don't understand.

Anywho, there was Duckie. But wait. I looked there before, and Duckie was NOT there. AND now, Duckie has no smell. What the heck? Duckie? it is you, right? Where are all my familiar smells? Where have you been?

Well anyway, I love having my Duckie back and Dad is glad too.


We found Duckie!!

Dad came home from work and said: "Hey, why don't you look behind the movies for Duckie...

And then I did and BINGO! Duckie!

He was hiding somewhere behind the Godfather and Columbo. Which reminds me, I never know if Dad is going to interrupt himself and comment on my fur and start talking like he has cotton balls in his mouth and "Make me an offer I can't refuse...". I don't understand.

Anywho, there was Duckie. But wait. I looked there before, and Duckie was NOT there. AND, Duckie now has no smell. What the heck? Duckie? it is you, right? Where are all my familiar smells?

Well anyway, I love having my Duckie back and Dad is glad too.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Do You Love Me?

Dad...I was just wondering.... Do you love me?

Dad said "Of course I do! And so does Rocky! We are glad you decided to stay with us and adopt us as your people!"

Well, I was thinking. Remember when I slept on the floor and Rocky slept on the bed instead? You remember how you got up in the middle of the night and took a picture of him sleeping in the dark?

...Well, is that because you love him more than me?

Dad said: "Of course not Silly!! I love you and Rocky tons! I guess your nick name of Silly Goose fits! And I love my Silly Goose!"

Dad also said: "And don't forget that Rocky even added you to the "Rockstar and Company" profile photo!"

Thanks Dad!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just Ducky

Hey there Quadrupeds! Just me working on my nylabone and keeping my Duck safe. Dad took this picture months ago, but now, I can't find my Ducky! Have you seen him? I've looked everywhere. I even looked in my secret hiding places - and no duck luck. Dad says I have to keep looking....

I once hid some biscuits here.... Ducky? Are you here?

And I once hid an entire loaf of Italian bread under this pillow... Ducky? Are you here?

I guess I will have to just keep looking...

I might require the Detective Services of the AO4. Mati, what do you think? ...Mati? ....Mati? Hmmm, looks like I'm alone on this one.

Signing off for now - I'll keep you posted on the Ducky Search. -Rock

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Welcome Nana!

Wait wait! What are you doing? I thought you came to visit? Are you going to fix my Camo bed? I don't think you understand. I must be with my bed at all times. This is much better...

And your making me a new one?? Did I ever tell you I could help?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We welcome back Chica!

Hey Mati! Did you hear? I think we are going to make sno cones later.

Chica found this in the paper!

And then Dad pulled this out of the basement.

Maybe we'll have to try it out later!

Bye for now, Love Rock!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's about time...

Where have you been? Oh, right, where have we been? Dad says he has been busy to help with the blog. Here we are waiting for a cookie after dinner...

And here's Mati gone to her bed after the cookie...

What a life - Sleep, Walk, Cookies. Sleep, Walk, Cookies. Always work, what a busy schedule we have.

It's about time...

Where have you been? Oh, right, where have we been? Dad says he has been busy to help with the blog. Here we are waiting for a cookie after dinner...

And here's Mati gone to her bed after the cookie...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I am the Rockstar I say

That's right, I am I say! Happy Independence Day everyone!

3 July's ago, I was featured on the cover of a "Grocery Store" free magazine celebrating the fourth of course! There I was sitting in my living room waiting for my photo shoot when Robin the photographer took a picture of me looking out the the direction of our flag! That was not the intention of the photo shoot, but it caught Robin's eye... and long story short... here I am!

They even wrote up a nice little story about how I got to stay with my Dad.....

I can't recall, but I think Zim, Dave, Amber, or Storms of the AO4 told this story once before.... Anywho, Mati and I wish everyone a safe a happy Fourth!

Love Rock and Mati

PS: I've been TAG'd by the AO4 so here goes:

1) I am 10 and Mati is 12.

2) Dad heard I needed a home badly. (and actually had tried to adopt me in 1999 but the family refused to give me up - I was in Jail!) So, in 2001 Dad just pulled up in what we affectionately call the "LTC" (Lincoln town car) and I just hopped right in the back seat. Dad closed the door and we drove off! It was that simple and that fast!! Thank God!

Mati was adopted in January of this year from a co-worker of Dad. I'm soo glad she is here! We really get along!

3) In the past, I would go into the refrigerator to get something to eat when I was upset. Since Mati has been here, I haven't done that!

Mati is food assertive. If I drop food (biscuits), she swoops in and takes it away! Darn.

4) I love my walks! (But Dad doesn't let us walk too far). Mati absolutely demands a walk! Wow, I thought I was bad!

5) I have arthritis in the hips. Mati, although older, is like a pup. She is the bee's knees!

6) I keep an eye on my Dad. If I am outside by myself, I have to come inside to check on him every 15 minutes or so. Sometimes Dad plays a trick on me and hides. Then I start to panic checking every room...sheeesh! What does he think this is a game? Mati loves to sit outside with me too.

7) I can hear my Dad whisper a command from across the yard, and I snap to attention! Mati on the other hand is what Dad calls her ... an "Independent thinker". She can hear him, looks at him, but decides if that is what she wants to do. Oh boy.

Bonus TAG item: I love my Dad. (And Mati too)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Yawn....

Yawn. Mati here. It was another mean awful morning... I must stay in bed a little longer. Daddy's mean work place that keeps him prisoner from us calls him in the wee hours of the morning, breaking up my beauty sleep!

And then, there's Rocky. He moved to the family room where he could keep an eye out the back door in case something happens. See his hot spot on his right leg? Poor guy, I'm glad I don't have them!

Back to sleep. It’s so nice and quiet in the house in the morning. I think I might sleep until the afternoon. zzzzzz- Love Mati

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Helllooo Daisy!

Rocky and Mati here giving a big welcome to our new friend and neighbor Daisy!

Daisy is a Australian Cattle Dog - Chow. Wow! What a cutie!

Dad only let us say hello from the door. Mati and I were singing a song.. and singing out loud --- hmmm, Sing, sing a song, Sing out loud, Sing out strong .... oh, sorry. Dad says I should Woof like a big boy instead of singing crazy like I do. Well, as it turns out, Mati does the woofing and I do the singing. Together we make quite the quadruped-duet :-)

Welcome again Daisy!

Wooooof! ;-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Biscuit Time

There goes Dad asking Mati to hold a biscuit on her nose.

I just don't get it.

Dad was so surprised. She did this on her first try! Wake up Dad and get into the 21st Century and get a video camera! What a horrible video phone!

Well that's all for now. I have to say, it's not my cup of tea. I prefer to be handed the biscuit where I ever so gently accept it from your hand.

Bye for now!
Love Rock

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On our walk this morning, we were escorted by a Robin. Robin decided not to fly anywhere, but to walk ahead of us instead. So we decided to follow her. Robin would hop hop hop ahead and then stop and look at us. Then, hop hop hop and stop again. See her hopping along on the curb...?

Hey Robin! Where are you going? We turn left here, we don't cross the street!

There you go, up the walk way...don't get too far ahead...

Hey, we keep going, where are you going now? Are you in that shrub on the ground?


Well, anyway, it was an exceptional walk this morning. Dad took us an additional block. He said the weather was good, so we wouldn't get too hot.

By for now! Rockstar