Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank Goodness

Hello All! Dad says I've been bad at posting on my blog. But quite frankly, with Physical Therapy twice a week, exercises, walks, naps, bones, who has time? Dad's been working like crazy hours too. Almost every night now, Mahti and I go to bed without him - leaving him at the computer. Mahti starts warming the bed for Dad while I sleep on my blanket on the floor.

So here's a big thank you to Dad. I was chewing on my Nylabone while Dad was working on the computer as he says (but really, I think he was watching TV). Then Dad noticed that I wasn't chewing on my bone and I seemed to be in a frozen state, motionless... with my ears twisted toward the outside. He knew something was amiss.

He came over to me and got down on the floor and I told him something was wrong with my mouth. I didn't know what, but it didn't feel good. Dad got the flashlight and had me open my mouth wide, it wasn't good news I just knew it. Dad called his Doggy savvy friend Betsy and asked for support. She suggested looking for something out of the ordinary, but Dad couldn't find anything. Then, while holding my mouth open wide while Dad shined the light on each tooth, one at a time, there it was. Something jammed into my gums. Was it a broken tooth Dad wondered? He wiggled it a bit and it came out! I was so excited, I jumped up and ran to the kitchen for a treat!

So what was it? It appeared to be a part of the Nylabone Dad said. Then he said "no more bones for tonight". Sheesh.

That was just fine with me, as I needed to get some rest anyway! This is me on my new Couchy Goodness. Dad bought this sofa for me. I love it.

Mati and I are doing fine. More goodness will follow. Hope everyone is well!
Love Rocky and Mati