Wednesday, October 31, 2007


HaRooooo! Rocky the Rockstar here! Mati and I have been "away" as Dad says for several weeks. If it wasn't for Meghan at The Veterinary Holistic & Rehabilitation Center maybe Dad wouldn't feel so ashamed for letting our blog dangle like this! Shame on him!

Well, he does have his hands full now. I'm in my hot spot season and I have a bunch of spots. Just great, more nick names; now he's calling me Mr. Hot Spot, Spot, Mr. Boo (short for BooBoo), but he still calls me 'the handsomest guy ever' - that one I like.

Dad took this picture a few days back with his telephone. He was working at the kitchen table and we were getting tired waiting for him. Mati loves me. SHE laid down next to me - I was already there.

On the news front, little Ms. Mahts decided to go out for a while today. Dad was working at the kitchen table and said, Rocky, go get Mati! I didn't know what to do, because I already knew she wasn't in the house. Dad got up and looked around. Then he started running around. Then he looked under beds, in the basement, in the back yard... he was making me tired because I couldn't keep up with him. Finally, he bolted out the front door and onto the front lawn, he looked left and then right. In the distance stood a neighborhood couple on their front lawn. They waved at Dad and said 'something something Dog'. Dad knew it was Mati. He ran down the street and there was Mati giving kisses and tail wags to a gaggle of kids. She was just having so much fun. Dad ran up to her and dropped to he knees hugging her. She bow'd and tucked her head under Dad's leg, as if to say....well, you know.

The neighbor said she was walking down the street in the direction of our daily walks, sniffing the lawns as she went. They called her over thinking Dad didn't let her go out alone - and she gladly obliged seeing the plethora of smiling faces waiting for her. They said she has been so sweet with all the kids. Dad told her how thankful we were and how panic'd he became when I didn't know where to find her. They are nice neighbors and they have a brand new pupper themselves! Dad says we are lucky to have such a great neighbors and neighborhood.

About me: I'm still going to PT twice a week, getting injections, and now aloe, chlorehexdine-shampoo baths (only on the hot spots) nightly and other stuff too. (I sat on the floor with the Doctor tonight and gave her kisses, I thought she could use them). In addition to this stuff, he still does his special walks with me and is trying to keep me exercising properly. Gosh I'm tired thinking about it.

Love you all, and thank you for all your kind words and sorry it has taken so long to get back in the groove. Sophie, thanks for your 2nd message!

Love Rocky and Mati!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time for PT

Hello All, Rocky here. Thanks to everyone again for such warm wishes and thoughts. Dad drove me to Physical Therapy yesterday. It was my first time in the under-water tread mill. We go back on Thursday. The nice people at the Doctor's office said I did really well given it was my first time. We also have specific exercise related things to do every day from now on. Dad's making do weird things like stepping over things and walking off and on curbs.

Anywho, I just wanted to check in and say all is going well for me right now.

By the way, Mati's bedroom is finally finished. Dad re-named the "frappuccino" color paint that he made up to "frappaccini" instead. But then he realized that it's really Mati's room now, so it's now called "Mataccini". After he made up the color, he took a sample to that stupid Orange store and had them match it - to make up enough to do the room. If anyone wants the color mix code - just let us know!

Bye for now, Love Rocky.

PS. Dad came home smelling like new critters.... he said he saw these little one's at Scott and Dana's house. 3 Chocolate and 4 Dark Chocolate. I don't know what he means, but now I want something sweet...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pardon me while I attempt to get some sleep.

As if Dad doesn't have enough to do. He painted my bedroom Cappuccino color. He should of asked for some color advice from Dave. Now he wants to repaint it Frappuccino color. It looks more like toast to me right now... boy all this talk about food is making me hungry.

But now I've been crowned! Yes that's right, Dad figured since he was painting, he might as well put up crown molding and give me a more majestic looking room. Again, as if he doesn't have enough to do.

See the sample Frappuccino color he splashed up there? I don't know why he calls it that - he absolutely refuses to go to RockStarBucks to get coffee since they treated him so bad, charge exorbitant prices, spilled hot coffee on him, and gave him a muffin with a piece of glass in it. He says they will never get money from us again...better in my dog bowl then theirs he says. anywho, let me digress.

Here's the scoop on the Rock: Dad took him last night to see another doctor. They were gone for almost 3 hours! I was a bit worried, but they came back and told me all about it. The doctor said that obviously his hips were in disastrous state and there was no fixing that without surgery. However, there are all kinds of therapeutic things they can do to help build up the muscle in his rear legs to help him move his legs better - and perhaps shots to help the joint move a little easier. He got one last night. I think the doctor said all his joints were "crunchy" - which doesn't sound good. But I'm not sure since Dad was calling him Crunchy last night. In either case, Rocky slept really well after he came home and slept soundly last night too - I was keeping an eye on him from my Camo bed.

Well, that it for now - hugs and kisses to everyone, Love Mati