Saturday, December 22, 2007

O holy Dog, the RockStars are brightly shining...

Christmas is here again, but this time with my sister Mati for the first time.

Speaking of Mati, Dad took these photos of us in the middle of the night, but unfortunately he had to get up and turn the light on - which woke me up. I wasn't feeling well and Mati was sticking close....

She was close alright, until Dad goes to the bathroom. Now look where she is! She does this often. Dad just needs to stop getting out of bed!

Thank you to everyone for such warm thoughts and asking for us. Dad's been busy with his work, he's been working so much that Mati and I leave him with at computer and go to bed without him!

As for me, well, I still have the hot spots. They have been bad this year as always, but Dad and I get through it. Dad took me for a treat today and I went with him to Ft. Myer, you know, so I can do patrol duty. It's a great place, very pretty, lot's of nice lawns and shrubbery.

On behalf of Mati, Dad, and myself, Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone!