Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This is just sad....

What was Dad thinking? That's all I'm going to say. Sheesh.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We awake from our long winter's nap...

Here's Mati's doing her headless dog imitation. I don't get it, it must be a Husky thing!

But Dad's been keeping a sharp eye on us. Mati and I haven't been fearing guuud. Aahhhrooo? Even Dad's been under the weather. He stayed home a day and a half last week and even yesterday too. We didn't even go on Mati's Forced Road March (FRM) for 3 whole days straight! (Mati was very very angry. She sat at the front door talking up a storm. She wouldn't even go out the back door. I can tell, she didn't understand, but I did.) Dad didn't even go to church. Then Mati stole Dad's sandwich while he was making it. Wow! Even I don't do that. At least I get my sandwich material from the fridge when Dad's not home. Dad got mad and took the sandwich back - Mati tried to bite Dad. I felt very sad, like I did something wrong. Dad came over and assured me I was ok. I still felt sad.

Thankfully we went on the FRM this morning, then he went to work today, but he came home and took a nap with Mati and I. He was dog-tired. I stayed right next to him in case he needed something.

Anyroo, Mati and I are doing ok now. Spring has sprung and we have new outside missions to work on. Mati and I were sitting in the Sun late this afternoon - it felt like it was 80 degrees outside. Wow! What a change.

Well, all for now, and we'll see what missions come our way.

Haroooooo to all!
Love The Rockstar