Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hello all! Just thought I would pop in and tell you how I'm doing... The vertigo is now verti-gone! That's right, no more vertigo!

I'm walking better, and although the stroke left me with a problem on my left side, Dad says I'm All Right! (Gosh Dad, that's bad!) Every day I'm make small steps to walking more straight and being able to navigate bumpy ground and things like a squishy bed. I've even shaken a few times now! (It's hard to shake when you have less control over one side of you). Also, Dad no longer has to hold me when we walk too.

Over time, (and at this rate) with physical therapy and exercises, I might get back to normal.

Thanks for keeping your paws crossed and your tails wagging!

Love Mati

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I'm home

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! My Dad has been keeping me informed of everyone's messages!

Today we had a physical therapy session. I'm not so sure why everyone made such a big deal out of it, it was a snap! If it was a test I would have passed with flying colors! The Physical Therapist said I was doing great! She said my homework exercises will be increased to more difficult levels as I master them!

After physical therapy we stopped into the Internal Medicine and Emergency Room at the Hope Center to say hello. I was ready to go to my room but almost forgot I was just there to visit and not stay! They were glad to see me only as a visitor and walking around on my own too!

It's been a good day, and now I'm ready for a nap. I may have to help Dad and curl up next to him while we watch The Fifth Element! I hope he doesn't fall asleep during the movie like he always does!

Kisses and tail wags to all!
Love Mati

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good to be Home!

After careful consideration, Mati was released today!

When arriving home, she was able to walk around the house with oversight and some steady hands! She has also found good traction on the grass too! A little wobbly and with slight head tilt, she moves around with determination! She is also full of kisses too!

We have physical therapy to set up and hopes are to be walking on her own with good balance and coordination soon!

I feel a special note and huge thank you is in order of the dedicated team of doctors at The Hope Center and Veterinary Surgical Center as well as the doctors at the Iams Imaging Center and Seneca Hill Animal hospital. They are Doctors Windsor, Hickey, Joung, Slade, Smith, Rossi, Johnston, Miller, Beck, and as always; Doctors Farnon and Homan and Doctors Munizza and Pepelko.

In addition, big recognition to the talented and dedicated Licensed Veterinarian Technicians that also support Mati girl 24 hours a day, to her every beck and call, in which case there are so many I'm sure I would accidentally to overlook some names....

More updates will follow I'm sure!

Thanks to everyone for keeping their paws crossed and prayers and wishes!

Love to all!

Day 4 Update

More good news! After visiting with Mati last night, she was able to get up on her own and was able to take several steps. She was also alert. Still a long road to go to wellness.

This morning, day 4, she was already sitting up when I arrived at 5:45 and stood up on her own again! With a sling to assist and steady her, she walked outside and then back in again. She was again alert with a wagging tail. She still has a long road to go but appears to be doing really well so far!

Thanks again for keeping your paws crossed!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Better News!

The prayers and good wishes are all working!

The MRI was done and it's good news. She has no obvious disease or tumors. She did however have a small stroke. The vertigo is a result.

In addition to the MRI, they are executing some other tests. If the stroke is not
complicated by anything else, she should recover in time but will most
likely require some physical therapy.

At this point we are simply waiting to see how she regains her abilities day by day.

Mati truly is a real trooper!! She is doing so well and letting everyone do what is needed with no complaints. Even as unstable and dizzy as she is, she still gives kisses.

More news will follow, thank you all!

Hospital Update 2

Mati is scheduled for an MRI at 3PM today.

More information will follow, keep good thoughts and prayers.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Hospital Update

Just returned home from a lengthy visit with Mati in the hospital.

She still remains in the same condition but was relaxed and happy to sit with me in a quiet room for a long while.

If she is not significantly better or close to normal by tomorrow, she will have an MRI to determine any metastasis or inner ear (vestibular system) problems.

More will follow, so keep good thoughts.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Prayers and Good Thoughts Please!

On Saturday evening / Sunday morning Mati was admitted to the hospital.

She has Vertigo.

She has had a number of brief attacks over the last week, most only lasting about 15 to 30 seconds after getting up (just like people). This last attack is still on-going, now just over 24 hours. We hope it is due to something simple and not a progression of cancer. I will update this tomorrow after speaking with the Neurologist.

This picture was taken earlier in the day, with her enjoying her new bed!

This picture was taken after I caught her texting a friend - and we thought you needed thumbs to do things!

Ever get the feeling that when you get up after being in bed that the dog will NOT take your place? (Yeah, me neither).

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello All - Mati here. All is good with Dad and I ... We continue getting good reports from the doctor and I've gained just over 10 pounds! Even though I still can not eat, I'm doing well and continue seeing my good good friends at Seneca. I feel so good that I have also talked to my Doctor the other day too! (She needed some advice).

Some days we play hookie from work and we get to stay home all curled up together!

Here's a picture of me sleeping. (I wish Dad wouldn't take pictures of me wakes me up!)

I'll have him take some better photos soon!

Haroooo to everyone!
XO - Mati

PS. Thanks to Kate and Pippa too for reminding Dad that the blog was down!