Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello All - Mati here. All is good with Dad and I ... We continue getting good reports from the doctor and I've gained just over 10 pounds! Even though I still can not eat, I'm doing well and continue seeing my good good friends at Seneca. I feel so good that I have also talked to my Doctor the other day too! (She needed some advice).

Some days we play hookie from work and we get to stay home all curled up together!

Here's a picture of me sleeping. (I wish Dad wouldn't take pictures of me wakes me up!)

I'll have him take some better photos soon!

Haroooo to everyone!
XO - Mati

PS. Thanks to Kate and Pippa too for reminding Dad that the blog was down!


The Army of Four said...

YEA! Hello, sweet friend! It's great to see you!
That's great that you've put some weight on; you're looking great. (Dave said red looks really great on you!)
Tail wags,
PS: Please give your dad a lick for me!!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mati!
Glad to know you are doing well.
Gaining weight sure is important, right?
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We're very glad you're doing okay and that your weight is up. Your dad is taking such great care of you!


roughseasinthemed said...

Wow!!!!! Are we glad to see this.

Lovely photo. Pippa curls up like that too, and red definitely suits you.

Katherine & Pippa

('cos too early for Pippa to be logged in)

Mike and Mati said...

Ao4! Great to see my favorite fur-some! I bet you were great in predicting the past storms (with a lower "s")! Thanks for the compliments, I have quite the wardrobe these days! Dad says haroo! -xo to your sister and brothers!

Lorenza, Thank you! Yes, weight is good. In Oct 2008, I was 52.8 pounds, then in October 2009 I was 39.0 pounds, and now, I'm 49.8 pounds! Putting on weight means a lot and I'm one lucky girl to be able to look at weight gain like that! xo to you and Mom!

Kat et. al.! Thanks, Dad tries, but you know how it is, I still have to show him the way and point things out for him! What would he do without me? xo!

Kate, Thank you, I like red shirts too! You sure are lucky to have such a great Pippa dog! When Dad and I look at the Pippa blog it's scary sometimes, looks like Rocky living a life somewhere else (but I know he is here looking over us now!) Thanks again, big kisses and tail wags, Love Mati

Pippa said...

Hello Mati.
I made Misery edit my blog so that everyone knows you posted this week. Silly Misery panicked when your blog was down. You are right that Rocky and I can look incredibly similar (depending on the camera angle) but obv Rocky has far more GSD colouring and is facially different too.
Misery thinks a mix of her previous GSD Prince and me would definitely be Rocky's identical twin.
Take care Mati, and make sure Mike looks after your blog. Not that Misery looks after mine. :D