Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good to be Home!

After careful consideration, Mati was released today!

When arriving home, she was able to walk around the house with oversight and some steady hands! She has also found good traction on the grass too! A little wobbly and with slight head tilt, she moves around with determination! She is also full of kisses too!

We have physical therapy to set up and hopes are to be walking on her own with good balance and coordination soon!

I feel a special note and huge thank you is in order of the dedicated team of doctors at The Hope Center and Veterinary Surgical Center as well as the doctors at the Iams Imaging Center and Seneca Hill Animal hospital. They are Doctors Windsor, Hickey, Joung, Slade, Smith, Rossi, Johnston, Miller, Beck, and as always; Doctors Farnon and Homan and Doctors Munizza and Pepelko.

In addition, big recognition to the talented and dedicated Licensed Veterinarian Technicians that also support Mati girl 24 hours a day, to her every beck and call, in which case there are so many I'm sure I would accidentally to overlook some names....

More updates will follow I'm sure!

Thanks to everyone for keeping their paws crossed and prayers and wishes!

Love to all!


Lorenza said...

I am so happy to know Mati is at home now!
Sure she was in the best hands!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Mike and Mati said...

Thank you Lorenza! It's good to be home! XO - Mati

The Army of Four said...

We're so glad you're home, Mati! You have the best caregivers AND the best DAD!!!!

Mike and Mati said...

Thanks Ammy! I'll give Dad a big lick and tail wag for you! xo to all the Ao4!

Pippa said...

I made Misery read this last week and then she forgot to post how pleased we were to see you home again. Something about not being logged in as the right name. Huh!

Pippa xx