Wednesday, October 31, 2007


HaRooooo! Rocky the Rockstar here! Mati and I have been "away" as Dad says for several weeks. If it wasn't for Meghan at The Veterinary Holistic & Rehabilitation Center maybe Dad wouldn't feel so ashamed for letting our blog dangle like this! Shame on him!

Well, he does have his hands full now. I'm in my hot spot season and I have a bunch of spots. Just great, more nick names; now he's calling me Mr. Hot Spot, Spot, Mr. Boo (short for BooBoo), but he still calls me 'the handsomest guy ever' - that one I like.

Dad took this picture a few days back with his telephone. He was working at the kitchen table and we were getting tired waiting for him. Mati loves me. SHE laid down next to me - I was already there.

On the news front, little Ms. Mahts decided to go out for a while today. Dad was working at the kitchen table and said, Rocky, go get Mati! I didn't know what to do, because I already knew she wasn't in the house. Dad got up and looked around. Then he started running around. Then he looked under beds, in the basement, in the back yard... he was making me tired because I couldn't keep up with him. Finally, he bolted out the front door and onto the front lawn, he looked left and then right. In the distance stood a neighborhood couple on their front lawn. They waved at Dad and said 'something something Dog'. Dad knew it was Mati. He ran down the street and there was Mati giving kisses and tail wags to a gaggle of kids. She was just having so much fun. Dad ran up to her and dropped to he knees hugging her. She bow'd and tucked her head under Dad's leg, as if to say....well, you know.

The neighbor said she was walking down the street in the direction of our daily walks, sniffing the lawns as she went. They called her over thinking Dad didn't let her go out alone - and she gladly obliged seeing the plethora of smiling faces waiting for her. They said she has been so sweet with all the kids. Dad told her how thankful we were and how panic'd he became when I didn't know where to find her. They are nice neighbors and they have a brand new pupper themselves! Dad says we are lucky to have such a great neighbors and neighborhood.

About me: I'm still going to PT twice a week, getting injections, and now aloe, chlorehexdine-shampoo baths (only on the hot spots) nightly and other stuff too. (I sat on the floor with the Doctor tonight and gave her kisses, I thought she could use them). In addition to this stuff, he still does his special walks with me and is trying to keep me exercising properly. Gosh I'm tired thinking about it.

Love you all, and thank you for all your kind words and sorry it has taken so long to get back in the groove. Sophie, thanks for your 2nd message!

Love Rocky and Mati!


Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi there Rocky and Mati

I am so pleased to see you back and kicking on strongly. Or kicking out, or whatever. I did wonder what had happened to my best GSD pal.

And Mati. It's nice to go for walks, especially on your own because then you can chase cats, but it's more important that you stay with your ace bro and give him lots of love and support. Please don't give us all a shock by going walkabout again.

Pippa (x for Mati)

Mati said...

Pippa! Mati here. We love PippaDog and have been missing you. I guess you are correct - I should probably stay close to the Rock and make sure he is ok. He's a good brother. I guess I didn't think a little walkabout would be so much trouble. :-) We will visit you soon, Love Mati

The Army of Four said...

WOW, Mati! Now THAT'S a scary Halloween trick to play on your dad! Your dad emailed our bipeds about it last night and we were SHOCKED, too! Mati, we are SO glad you're safe and are glad you just went to play with some kids ... but taking off alone is a major no-no!! Whew, you probably scared the daylights out of your dad! And Rocky, too!
Rocky, sorry to hear about the hot spots. Booter used to get those - especially when he lived in Korea. They weren't as bad here; maybe the answer is for you guys to move here to Kansas! Ha roooo!
Continued good luck with your therapy! We're all pulling for you. And we Sibes DO know how to pull! :)
Tail wags,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rocky!
Its so nice to see you back! All this time I've had my paws crossed for you! I don't know about hot spots but sure I hope you get better soon!
I just can imagine how your dad felt when he could not find Mati! Glad you have great neighbors. Please tell her not to do it again!
Have a nice day

Pacco de Mongrel said...

wat a sweet escape from the house by mati

Mati said...

Ao4: Yes, Dad is keeping a closer eye on my now! Did I tell you that Rocky gave me a hard time when I came home with Dad? He started doing alpha-chin butts and paw'd me and then started to chase me. My first impression was that he was mad at me, but then again, maybe he was just excited I was home. Rocky's hot spots are getting better. Dad is now giving Rocky Aloe-life. It's a liquid you drink, and he uses some on his skin too. This way if he licks it, it's no big deal, has no scents or perfumes or colors...and it's soothing. The nice Doctor at VHRC told him about it, and Dad thinks it's working! -Love Mati

Lorenza: Thank you! I won't go running again anytime soon. Dad thinks I should have my own cell phone so if I get lost, I can call home - or he can call me. At the very least, he's thinking of getting me a "globalpetfinder" collar. Thanks again! Love Mati

Pacco: Dad says it was "bitter sweet". Sweet for the kids, but bitter for Dad! Thanks for your support too! Love Mati

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Hi Rocky! That sure is a scary story about Mati. I'm so glad that your dad fount her. Did he give her a good, stern talking to after that?


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Mati, I can sympathize with you on the walk thing. As you know, I too have led Dad on a merry chase recently. I think they will pay more attention to us both now! But it is better to stay at home - Rocky needs his lil' sis. Love Shiloh.


Hi guys,
good to have you back blogging and good to hear that Mati is safely back home. Yes it is nice to have good neighbours. Hope you hot spots cool down Rocky.
Jazz and Dixie

Randi said...

Hey Rocky & Mati! Yikes! I HATE Hot Spot season...luckily mine is only in July & Aug & I think I'm done with them for the year! I have a pic of me & my brother Dublin (now at Rainbow Bridge) lying on the floor back to back...we were two peas in the pod..just like the two of you!

Love & Licks,

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh what an adventure you had. Your poor dad. It was good that your neighboors saw you and kept you safe.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Sophie Brador said...

Rocky! I'm so glad you are doing well, except for those spots. We have the same stupid nickname! I've been called Boo Boo Girl by my dog walker, ever since my knee surgery last winter. I put up with it, but only because it usually comes with a cookie.

I'm also glad Mati ran into those people on her walk. If that were me, I would have walked straight into a car -- a moving one. I walk around the parked ones, but somehow, I just think I should walk into the moving ones. My mom says that's bad. I don't get it, so I just stick with her on walks. Tell Mati to wait for your dad next time she wants an adventure.


Mati said...

Kat - Dad didn't give Mati anything but hugs. If it was me, he would have probably told me I was a bad boy. I see how this is going to be, she going to get away with anything she wants. Well, at least Dad says I his favorite boy in the whole wide world! Thanks for stopping by Kat! Love Rock

Shiloh - yeah, she isn't so bad after all. She's good to have around...

Jazz and Dixie, Thanks for the cool thoughts, I hope they go away soon!

Randi - It's good to be done with them. This year was the best, we haven't had any since May which is great!

MayaMarie, we sure are glad she's safe. Sometimes I get jealous of her, but it's good that she's here.

Sophie, hello cutie. We think Mati should wait for Dad too. But just in case, dad bought here a GPS collar so he can be updated on her no matter where she is (outside the home that is). We can't wait to get it...sometime this week or early next week.

Thanks all, Love Rocky