Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pardon me while I attempt to get some sleep.

As if Dad doesn't have enough to do. He painted my bedroom Cappuccino color. He should of asked for some color advice from Dave. Now he wants to repaint it Frappuccino color. It looks more like toast to me right now... boy all this talk about food is making me hungry.

But now I've been crowned! Yes that's right, Dad figured since he was painting, he might as well put up crown molding and give me a more majestic looking room. Again, as if he doesn't have enough to do.

See the sample Frappuccino color he splashed up there? I don't know why he calls it that - he absolutely refuses to go to RockStarBucks to get coffee since they treated him so bad, charge exorbitant prices, spilled hot coffee on him, and gave him a muffin with a piece of glass in it. He says they will never get money from us again...better in my dog bowl then theirs he says. anywho, let me digress.

Here's the scoop on the Rock: Dad took him last night to see another doctor. They were gone for almost 3 hours! I was a bit worried, but they came back and told me all about it. The doctor said that obviously his hips were in disastrous state and there was no fixing that without surgery. However, there are all kinds of therapeutic things they can do to help build up the muscle in his rear legs to help him move his legs better - and perhaps shots to help the joint move a little easier. He got one last night. I think the doctor said all his joints were "crunchy" - which doesn't sound good. But I'm not sure since Dad was calling him Crunchy last night. In either case, Rocky slept really well after he came home and slept soundly last night too - I was keeping an eye on him from my Camo bed.

Well, that it for now - hugs and kisses to everyone, Love Mati


The Army of Four said...

Woo, Mati!
Your dad's experience at the coffee place sounds scary! Did he get hurt? Woo!
We hope the shots and therapy help the RockStar out! Do they have a place where he can do swimming therapy? That's supposed to be really good for building up muscle. Siberianly speaking, I wouldn't want to get my feety-feet wet.
About the wall color ... both me and Zim checked it out. He heard all the coffee references and got all excited. He LOVES cappuccinos ... but we both agree we like the color of the frappuccino better. It's really lovely! In my professional opinion.
Best to you, Rock, and your dad!
Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mati.
Yes, that experience at the coffee place doesn't sound pretty good! Sure, we wouldn't be back either!
Glad that shot helped Rocky to sleep better. Is your dad considering the surgery?
I like frapuccino color!
Kisses for your, Rocky and your Dad.

Mati said...

Dave, Dad did get hurt, his leg got burned, but it's all better now. Plus they over steamed the milk, so it was extra hot. He hasn't been back to Rockstarbucks for years now.

Yes, the vet I saw last night is a specialist in Rehabilitation. In case you are interested, this is her place: she comes highly recommended and Dad says she's the Bee's Knees! (that one is for you Zimmie)!

Lots of Kisses, Love Rocky

Lorenza, thanks so much for the kind thoughts. Dad says he wants to see how therapy goes first and then perhaps surgery. But we will see in the upcoming weeks and months as needed. Thanks again, kisses back at you! Love Rocky

Joe said...

Mom doesnt like RockStarBucks either, she said she can make her own darn coffee. we are glad to hear there are some things you can do to help rockstar's crunchy legs.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Mati, I have joint issues too -- dysplasia in my shoulders, but it's not too bad yet. Is Rocky going to try acupuncture?

Bizarre Starbucks story. Wow! We try to avoid that place as much as possible. Only in a flat out caffeine emergency will my ma ape go there.


Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Mom thinks Sarbucks is stinky - she's a Dunkin Donuts coffee grrrl

Rocky, We are so sorry bout your hips. Do you have a place to go swimming??? We took our General swimming for his hips and it's great exersize for hip puppies. Guinness loves swimming now too.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i hope u n ur dad r okay now

Mati said...

Joe: Thank you! And yes, Dad agrees that Coffee is probably best made at home!

Sophie: The vet who does acupuncture and other rehabilitation stuff thought I would see results from the under water tread mill. Dad says the only emergency that make him go into a RockStarbucks is if his head was on fire and was suffering from delirium.

Guinness: Dad likes Dunkin Donuts coffee too! At this point, we could go to the lake, but the walk down and up the hill is too tough for me. So for now, we are going to stick to the under water tread mill. It's not so bad, and I get the work out I need!

Paco: Thanks, we are both getting along as best as possible! And Dad is ok now and he takes care of me - like being my driver - to get to the doctors office!

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Mati.

Mistress would DO WITHOUT COFFEE before entering Starbucks..or McDonalds...or Burgerking...or...or..any other similar such establishment.

But she is prone to taking a good espresso from a small cafe or bar in Spain if it is individually owned.

I think we would look good curled up together. Don't worry about my other girlfriends, you are one of my very favourites, and you are so kind to your bro.