Thursday, November 15, 2007

Presents for me?

Dad got these in the mail today, I hope it's something for Mati and I. They came thru the mail slot, but I didn't open them. When Dad came home he asked me to open them, and...I did. Here I am,

Oh wow, look at what we got... hmmmm, LIFE IS GOOD! (enlarge the picture to see it better)

I wonder if this is the right size for me? And look, another one - that must be Mati's.

Anywho, thanks again everyone for your well wishes. We are still doing well and the hot spots are going away thanks to Dr. KD's advice with the aloe. I don't particularly like drinking it, but it helps and Dad takes it too just to show me it's ok! (personally, I think he likes it...yuckie!)

Love you all, Rocky


Lorenza said...

Hi, Rocky
I am always happy when I see you! Glad you are doing well. Be a good boy and take your meds. You know you need them! Your Dad is great!
Those are t-shirts for you and Mati? And the pictures?? I want to see you two wearing them!
Have a good night

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hiya Rocky

Pleased to hear you are ok and naughty mati hasn't been up to any escaping tricks again. We dont have any aloe stuffs to eat or drink in the house but I think I have seen some in bottles in the bathroom - shampoo or something - I tend to keep away from there in case anyone wants to wash me.

You always look so handsome on your photos.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I have a ball from Life is Good. It is my favorite toy. Steve poked a hole in it with his fang. I can still play with it, but Mom promised to buy me a new one if it really breaks. Your shirt is cool.


Mati said...

Lorenza, Thanks for your support! I think the shirts are for Dad, but I can put them on! Thanks again, Love Rocky

Pippa Dog!! Hello! Dad got a box in the mail - it's a present...I think for Mati... a GPS collar! hmmm, I wonder why I didn't get one? Speaking of Baths, Dad makes me take a bath, and I have to walk into the tub by myself. It's so sad. Thanks for the photo compliment! We think you are handsome too! Love Rock

Kat, That's so coool! Sorry to hear it's holy now. Maybe you will get a new one soon, then you could have two! I can't wait to try on Dad's shirt! Take care, Love Rockstar


Hi Rocky,
Good to hear the hot spots are not as bad. Our mum used to drink Aloe but didnt much like the taste. But hey whatever helps. Were the T shirts for you guys or your dad?
Jazz and Dixie

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Rock, Glad to hear things are coming along well. Great pressies? Who are they from?