Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rocky Dodge

Since we were TAG’d for our middle names, Dad finally has one done…. and after much consideration, Dad has given me the middle name of Dodge.

He said it’s a two fold meaning. He said it holds much respect and representation of good character. Character is what a person is made of – while personality is what we can see. It’s sometimes hard to know a person’s character, since we base it mainly on personality. With that in mind, Dad says he can see my character, as most bipeds can see it in there Canines. Canines have no reason for deception, no political office to hold, no Hollywood vanity or airs to put on. As Dad says, they (canines such as me) live only to be happy and to be with their biped – as I do with Dad. The respect and representation is broken down as:

D - Dependable – ever so faithful
O - lOving – affectionate, passionate, and has much adoration
D - Devoted – just so dutiful and attentive
G - Gentle – calm, mello, and soft spoken, never raises his voice
E - Expert – and an expert that can do most anything

The second fold of the Dodge name comes from John Francis Dodge and Horace Elgin Dodge. In 1901, the Dodge brothers, trained as machinist, won a contract to build transmissions and parts for Oldsmobile. Then in 1902 they helped a guy named Henry Ford start his own business. They loaned Henry money and built engines and parts for him. They continued this Ford relationship thru 1913, building almost all engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, and frame parts for Fords. In 1914, they started their own business called, you guessed it, Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company. In 1928, Walter P. Chrysler, Dad’s other favorite character (from Wamego Kansas) bought the Dodge company and the rest as they say, is history. The Dodge brothers built what they had - based on quality and hard work. Just like the Expert, Devoted, Dependable GSD Dad says I am today.

Wait a minute! How can I be an expert you say? Well, I help Dad with Everything! and, well, ….Dad says I should tell this rather embarrassing story. I really don’t want to, but I will.

Dad left me! He did. He went to New York City for several days. He stayed with a friend in lower Manhattan, between WTC and South Street. He came home with tons of good smells! Anyway, Jean, my dear biped-friend would come by to see me. I have to admit, I was a bit upset with her coming and going. So when she left, she gave me a milk-bone, put the box on top of the fridge, and would go out the front door. I accidentally stole the box off the top of the fridge and ate the whole thing. It was an accident. Jean came back and after seeing what I did, went to the store and bought another box. This time, when she left, she put the box on top of the fridge again and made sure it wasn’t on the edge. When she returned, the box from the fridge was gone. I accidentally ate the whole box again. How could I possible get the box off the top of the fridge she wondered? I’ll never tell. Well, you would think the story would end there. It didn’t. Three times a charm you say? Yes, apparently so. I did it again. It was an accident I tell you. Funny enough, I didn’t get any more biscuits during that time that Dad was away.

So then Dad thought to take a measuring tape to me. Hmmmm, just as he thought. From my nose to my tail’s end, 5 Feet, 7 inches. Just like Dad!! Surely he doesn’t use his tail to get on top of the fridge? Ok, without the tail, 4 Feet, 3 inches. Obviously enough length, added to my 30 inch height to help me get up there, don’t you think? Still, he wonders.

Unfortunately, my arthritis prevents me from standing up on two legs anymore…. But not to worry, I have ways! Besides, I’m a quadruped, not a biped!

Dad says he will ask Mati for her middle name and will post it soon.

Thanks for stopping by – Love Rocky.

p.s. Here's a picture of an ad from way back when, you can't tell me that the Dodge Brothers didn't underestimate the value of a good dog:


The Army of Four said...

GREAT middle name, Rocky! and it's just right for you!!!
I remember hearing about the Milkbones - but my favorite story is how you ate an entire gingerbread village! AND that you can open the door of the magic cold box! Can you open your new one?
Tail wags,

The Army of Four said...

PS: We can't wait to read about Mati's middle name!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rocky
Thanks for playing this middle names game! I like yours!! Both!
How you were able to do that with the miklbones?? And three times?? I am sure you are full of surprises!!
Have a nice day

The Husky in the Window said...

Hi Rocky, I'm MayaMarie. My dad likes your middle name (his favorite tv show is Gunsmoke, so that makes you really cool). Your milkbbone story is soooo great! How did you do it?

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Rocky, it just too bad you couldn't dodge that milkbone story! Haroo! Like that one, Amber?

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Wow! Can you give me some tips on opening cold boxes, I sleep near a huge one during the night, it seems to have lots of goodies in there for me to snaffle! You are one clever dog!

love and licks from Marvin in Scotland xxxxxx

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

That's a great middle name. It's very unique and I think it suits you very well. I also like the story of the bones!!


The Army of Four said...

Hi Rocky! Hee hee hee! Guinness & Shiloh crack me up! Hee hee hee!
Please be sure you check out Stormy's post from Friday, OK?
And please tell Mati "ha roo" from me!

Katherine and Pippa said...

Mistress thinks Oldsmobiles are really interesting (honest).

She posted something up about them on a car quiz once (took everyone ages to guess hehe).

It is a very cool middle name.

I don't want one though. It is too complicated for me. I like a simple life. Where is Mati?


Joe Stains said...

omdog how did you DO it?! I want to KNOW!!!

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Rock, Tell your dad that if he wants to make sure you don't steal the cookies, he should have the bi-ped Jean stay with you for the whole weekend. That way, you would get cookies (not too many, though) and you wouldn't have to be all alone. I would be very upset if I were left all alone. My mom never takes me to NY either. What do they do there???????

Mati said...

Ao4: Thanks! Yes, the gingerbread village was yummy. I'm sure it was ok, because Dad didn't say a word when he came home, in fact he had facial expressions I still can't understand to this day. Mati's middle name will be coming soon.... Love Rock

Lorena: Thanks again. The secret to getting milkbones off the top of the fridge is a secret. I'm sorry I just can't tell. Love Rock!

Husky in the Window: Glad you and your Dad like my middle name! Dad used to watch gunsmoke when he got up in the weee-hours of the morning. It was tooo early for me....*yawn*. The milkbones is quite the trick. Dad even tried to video tape my expertness - and oddly enough everytime the video camera was running, nothing happened. Love Rocky

Guinness and Shiloh: HaRoo indeed. We love a good joke! Thanks again, love Rocky!

Marvin: Wow! You get to sleep near one? It must be awful tempting. I would tell you, but it's a secret. I'll have to whisper it in your ear if I see you. That's the best I can do! Love Rock

Steve,Kat, Wilbur: Thanks! I like to think I'm a unique kind of quadruped! By the way, that's neat trick with the BBQ. I tried that here, but I can't get up there. Love Rocky

Ao4: Ok, will do Am! xo-Rocky

Pippa: Thanks. It's a complicated life being me. Nothing is simple. Maybe I should live in Gib to be simple! I just want to eat, sleep, and be merry! Thank Roo! Love Rocky

Joe: Well, hmmm. I can't actually say how I did it, however, I can tell you this. It involves putting teeth marks in the door where the handle used to be! You can do it! Love rock

Sophie: You are darn right! Too bad the biped Jean moved to Texas, to live in the heat. Dad has to work extra hard to be with us since he has to work alot. And good thing he has the job he has so he can work from home a lot!! Dad says he going to take Mati and I to NY and walk thru the parts and such. He said it would be fun. Someday he says....someday. Thanks again for stopping by, if I find out what's the deal with NY, I'll let you know. Love Rocky

Pacco de Mongrel said...

dogde....ur middle name....sound nice...


Wow three boxes of Milky Bones!!! That would be heaven. Interested to know how you got them off the top of the fridge though. Mum keeps our stuff up high too.
Cool middle name Rocky. We will stop in soon to find out about Mati's.
Jazz and Dixie