Friday, September 21, 2007

HaRoo To You!

HaRoo all! Mati here! First I want to say thanks to everyone for asking how Rocky and I are doing. Especially to cute Pippa Dog! I am just Ducky and well, Rocky is the Bee's knees! He's such a good younger brother!

Yesterday, Dad was walking both Rocky and I and Dad stopped to fiddle with the plastic baggies. He dropped Rocky's lead and Rocky took a step away. Dad said: "Rocky! Heal!". And Rocky turned and me. Of course. Who else would he heal to? Then Dad came home during the daytime while we were sound asleep. Dad walked in and found the Rockstar sleeping on the bed.... next to me. Of course. Who else would he sleep next to?

Yeah, he's alright. And Rock's feeling better too. He goes on Tuesday to see a Paw-orthopedic doctor. I have my paws crossed for him.

It's been a while since Dad has helped us with the 'puter. Dad says our reader says we are 50 posts behind! Yikes!! We have a lot of catching up to do.

Ok, here's a shot of Dad waking me up the other night. Did he really have to wake me? I was catching some zzzzzz's until I slipped off the bed. (Personally, I hate the bed, but I make Dad feel good by using it sometimes.)

Ok, off for now. Dad says we have to catch up on what everyone is doing.

Thanks again for all you thoughts and emails!

Kisses, Love Mati


Katherine and Pippa said...

Hello Mati

I am so pleased to see you back as I was bit worried because you had been gone for quite a while.

Pleased to hear that Rocky is doing ok, and hope he continues to feel well.

You need to get your dad in order and make sure he puts a post up now and again so I know you are OK.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Mati, The Rockstar loves you! Was there ever a doubt? But I am worried about something. Your dad may need to get his spatial skills checked because I think he bought you a bed that only fits your bum. I've found these humans are not so good at these sorts of things. I keep telling mine that I need a queen size pillow top, but she keeps putting me in this stupid donut. Her spatial skills really suck!

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

yea, We agree, we think you're dad needs those eye things that help bipeds see better. What was he thinking???

Give Rocky kisses from us to help him feel better. We're all crossing paws for him. It'll be okay dude!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mati
I still have my paws crossed for Rocky. I hope that doctor will help him!
Have you ever thought about changing beds with your dad?? I mean, just to let him kno how do you feel in that super small bed??
Have a good night
Kisses to Rocky

The Army of Four said...

Hey Mati - Rocky must think you're the alpha! Ha roo! Girls rule!
I LOVE hearing how close you two have gotten.
We'll remember Rocky in our prayers = please let us know how his trip to the dog-tor goes!
Tail wags to you both - and a gentle lick on the nose to your dad!

Randi said...

Hi Mati! Glad to hear you are all better! I love the bed is called a butt-bed? Is the head-bed & belly-bed on backorder?
Love & Licks,

Pacco de Mongrel said...

seems like d bed is way 2 small for u..

do u feel comfortable??


Hi Mati, Wow you have done a wonderful job looking after your younger brother.
You might have to ask daddy for a bigger bed there.
Jazz and Dixie

Joe Stains said...

mati, Mom wishes I would listen to anybody or anydog, maybe you should come over?

Ferndoggle said...

Of course Rocky loves you...what's not to LOVE! I hope the back doctor can help Rockstar. I'm sure you'll be there to give him lots of love.