Thursday, September 6, 2007

Good, Bad, and the Ugly

We will start with the Bad:

Remember months back how Dad left Rocky and I to go to Cape Cod and he gave us pictures from the Cape and various places he went like the Massachusetts Maritime Academy? Remember seeing this picture?

Well, Dad said this was the Top Mast from the USS Indianapolis. It is not! A nice gentleman from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy contacted Dad and pointed out the Top Mast in the photo is from the USS Constitution! Now that's a big wooops! How could Dad do that to me? "Old Ironsides" and the Indianapolis are two way different ships from different time periods!!! Good Gosh Dad! What were you thinking?

Here's a photo of the USS Constitution:

And here's a photo of the USS Indianapolis:

Do you see the difference? Ah, yeaaaaah.

And to prove it, here is the inscription from the Mast:

Ok, enough said about the Bad.

Here is the Good

The good news is no news. You know the saying. Well, Doctor G took another Psample from me today. She said my first Psample from last week was purified water. She said that wasn't good, but didn't tell any tails (hehehe) about me either. So, Dad's trying to solve a leakage problem that I've been having...and no news yet. We will just have to wait until Monday! Keep your paws crossed!

Ok now. Here is where it gets Ugly

Rocky went with me to the see Doctor G today. She's such a nice Doctor, we give her kisses too. Rocky had X-Rays done on his rear legs and hips. He's been having an increasingly hard time walking. Doctor G didn't have good news. Rocky now has meds for his hips. I could tell, Dad was upset. I gave him kisses.

Dad takes good care of Rocky - he even came home with big sets of carpets in Rocky's big blue truck. He covered all the exposed hard wood floors in the house. Dad said that the people in the big orange depot store could tell that Dad needed carpet fast - and so he told them why he was in buying the carpets...and they took 50% off one of two rolls because, in not so many words, they felt bad for the Rockstar. Dad said he was touched by their compassion and sincerely kind thoughts.

More will follow. God Bless Rocky. Love Mati


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Maybe you will have to forgive your dad since he's taking such good care for Rockstar. We don't know anything about ship masts so it looks like it could be easy to confuse them if you only see the mast part of the ship ...

Joe Stains said...

your dad is forgiven and we are sending good thoughts to him for taking care of leaks and ailing hips.

The Husky in the Window said...

Hi Mati. We hope your vet visit is okay. Your Dad takes good care of you'all.

I'm sure Rockstar knows you'all care. Your Dad went to that orange store and bought all that! You know he cares.

My older sister Missy (who will be 8 years old really soon) is half german shepherd and she has the arthrits in her back hips. Last year Mom thought Missy would not be able to walk at all. Our vet has her on a medicine for her arthritis and Mom changed her diet (Mom cooks for us) and Missy has lost 10 pounds. She also takes Missy in the pool 3 times a week (Missy has a life jacket) and Mom gets her to swim and move those legs in the water. At first she was scared, but Mom took the time and she works with her and it's really helped. She's still gets a little stiff when she gets up, but she's walking a lot better.

Tell your Dad we're thinking of you'all and send lots of good vibes so you'all feel better.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Katherine and Pippa said...

The ship pix are great.

We are pleased that no news is good news.

We are so sorry for Rockstar with his bad hips. Princey ended up with a sensitive back/rear legs - he couldn't jump on the garden table any more or up at the gate - guess it just happens with GSDs.

But Rockstar will be fine. The carpets were a good idea. Princey always had lots of rugs so it wasn't too cold or damp in winter. Lots of ruffs to him.

And thanks for saying you will be one of my girlfriends. I see you have your eye on Sherman too, but he is a fine dog.

Pippa xx

Mati said...

Roxie Sammy Andy; Thanks. I'll pass along your thoughts to Dad! Love Mati

Joe: Thanks Joe! Seems like aches and pains get us all as we get to those senior years. Btw, Rocky is feeling a bit better. He is now walking unaided , but Dad still does the Beach Towel assist going up and down stairs.

MayaMarie; Thanks so much! Rocky and I aren't overweight at all, Doc says our weight is good...But perhaps a diet change will help Rocky feel better? Dad even talked about taking Rocky to a Holistic vet who does pool therapy, acupuncture and all kinds of good doggie stuff. Thanks again, we love getting good vibes and thoughts. Love Mati

Pippa! We love hearing from PippaDog! Yes, poor Rocky has had some problems, I guess the GSD does get them. And Rocky loves his carpets now. Dad re-covered almost the entire living room, the kitchen, and hallway... and he went back for more. He's covering the Bedroom now. He said wall to wall would be better anyway - so he bought all kinds of good stuff. A huge roll of rubber-like padding to go underneath so it will be extra soft for Rocky's night time sleep (lately he's been sleeping on the floor). Dad's even talking about lowering the bed again, so Rockstar can get in without much effort. Goodness! Pretty soon Dad will be on the floor! Thanks again PippaDog Stay well, XO Love Mati

Mati said...

MayaMarie: One more thing. Perhaps Mom who cooks for you wouldn't mind sending some tips to Dad? He said you can either post or email via the email registered for this blog under the profile. If Mom can, then thanks in advance! Love Mati (and Rocky too)

Lorenza said...

Don't be mean with your Dad. It was just a mistake!
And he is doing a wonderful job making Rocky feel comfy!
Sure your Dad loves you and Rocky a lot!
I am sending good vibes to make him feel better soon!
Have a good night

The Husky in the Window said...

Hey you'all. I got mom to email your dad some recipies. Get him to fix you the turkey loaf. Oh it's soooo good.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Mati said...

Thanks Lorenza! We can use all the vibes possible.

MayaMarie - Thanks for the info, Dad's going to become a chef in his spare time.

Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and warm vibes. Stay well, Love Rocky

The Army of Four said...

Mati: Tell your dad I couldn't tell the difference between those boats either. (Ha roo roo roo!)
Sorry to hear about Rocky's hips! I hope the meds will help him out. Your DAD is a ROCKSTAR for getting the carpet for him. Lick his nose for me, OK?
Play bows,