Sunday, September 9, 2007

One Day at a Time

Hi All. Rocky here. I want to first thank everyone for their warm thoughts regarding my ailments. Mati is doing well, and I am doing somewhat better.

I can walk down the street like I normally do every morning. But the stairs are a pain. Dad doesn’t assist me when I traverse the stairs now, but he still walks along side like The Hunchback of Notre Dame waiting for me to fall.

Getting up and laying down is much easier with all the carpeted rooms now. Sometimes I yelp when I lay on my hip. This is new, I’ve never done that before.

Dad thinks that with time, diet, and medication as necessary – that I’ll be back to my old self again. Perhaps I will be able to prepare my own meals. After all, I have the magic cold box trick all worked out.

A note about this picture. Dad was stitting at the kitchen table. He looked over and this is what he saw. I had laid down with my duckie and Mati laid down on her kitchen bed watching over me. He had to snap the pic and make me post it. I do have to admit, Mati is a good sister. (Note to Pippa – not only is she cute and smart, but she’s caring too).

On different news, we have a guest. Her name is Ceilidh (pronounced "kay-lee") which is a Celtic (Irish or Scottish I think) name for something… not sure. Anywho, Ceilidh is our sweetheart neighbor Border Collie. She’s missing her Mom and Dad. They had received some urgent news and asked if they could leave her here for a day or two. "Of course" I said!

I’m not sure they realize how much Ceilidh could help in matters like this. She really wanted to go with them and keep them safe and make them feel loved, but Dad says that sometimes you have to do what is best – and in this case, Ceilidh be our house guest. I bet she will help them feel better when they come home.

Ceilidh came over and showed us all her teeth. Apparently she is very proud at how clean they are. Now she just follows me around the house giving me kisses. Dad says I’m not allowed to kiss her back. I’m not sure why. She doesn’t kiss Mati though. Mati showed Ceilidh how she can make herself appear taller and do a Husky-Don King impersonation. It’s quite fascinating I have to admit – she almost looks like a blonde porcupine. I felt sort-of left out. I figured I better show Ceilidh and Mati some trick too. So I attempted ventriloquism with my Duckie, but that didn’t work out so well. So then I showed them how I can get a cookie by just using my brain waves – bingo. That worked. I think they enjoyed that.

Well, time for medication – which is odd in a way. Every time Dad says it’s medication time, he calls me Martini and tells me to take my pill or he’s going to get nurse Ratched.

Anywho, here is a quick pic of Ceilidh...

Isn't she just a Q-T-Girl?

Thanks again, and we will keep you updated.

XO to all - Love Rocky



Hi Rocky,
Sorry to hear that your not feeling so hot but glad to hear that Mati is looking out for you. we hope that things get better soon.
Jazz and Dixie

Katherine and Pippa said...

You two look adorable - you with your ducky and Mati watching out for you. What a great girl.

Ceilidh looks a sweetie too. How nice to have girls to love you. Are they your paws or Mati's in the picture. I can't tell.

I am pleased you are comfier on the carpets, Princey did the odd yelp if he moved awkwardly too. But he kicked on for many years after he started to get a poorly back/rear end. Comes of being a GSD I suppose. He was a tough monkey and I am sure you are too. He didn't jump on tables any more though.

Pippa and xx for Mati (and x for Ceilidh too)

Randi said...

Hi Rocky - Please get bette soon OK! I dont' like it whenyou are not feeling well...carpet is nice when you are feeling achie...but tile is better when its hot...I have my paws crossed for you!
Love & Licks,
ps...I think your sister is a very good sister & Ceilidh is a cutie too!

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Oh, Rocky, we are sorry about your hips. Our long lost General had yucky hips too. Swimming helped him get lots of exersize - and boy did he love to swim! Do you have a place you can go swimming?

Joe Stains said...

rocky we are glad to hear you re feeling better! mati is a great sister to keep an eye on you!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

sad 2 hear that ur bones r feeling not well...

but hope u will get well soon n continue running!


Hi Rocky,

We are Mona, Jacks and Toby. We live in Houston with our Mom and a little foster named Evander.

We have been following your blog and praying that everthing goes ok for you. We are Ok but Mommy's got bad hips and a bad back from arthursomething living in her bones. She uses a heating pad everydau & love it.

We just out own blog so come visit us sometime at: JUSTUSTEXASDACHSIES.COM


Hi Rocky,

We are Mona, Jacks and Toby. We live in Houston with our Mom and a little foster named Evander.

We have been following your blog and praying that everthing goes ok for you. We are Ok but Mommy's got bad hips and a bad back from arthursomething living in her bones. She uses a heating pad everydau & love it.

We just out own blog so come visit us sometime at: JUSTUSTEXASDACHSIES.COM

Mati said...

Jazz and Dixie: Thanks a bunch for your kind words. I try to keep an eye out for Rocky! I think he will be better soon. I'll pass along your words to him. Thanks again, Love Mati

Katherine and PippaDog! Thanks, I try to be the girl my brother Rocky thinks I am. I feel bad for him not feeling well. Ceilidh is nice, but not so nice to me. She just keeps showing me her clean teeth. That's ok, because I don't bother her, nor she me, but she does love Rocky though! Rocky must be a tough guy, the doctor said she was surprised he was able to walk at all. That's what I call tough. He had never complained before! Thanks again with big hugs and kisses. Love Mati

Randi: Thanks again for your thoughts. Your right, the carpet is nice, even for me too. I try to be a good sister to Rock. And thanks for the nice words about our neighbor Ceilidh! Love Mati!

Guinness and Shiloh: Thanks for your thoughts. We have a lake, but I don't really swim. Dad would have to get in the water and make me swim. He says we should go to a doggie exercise pool and try that. Hope everyone by you are doing well too! Thanks, love Mati

Joe: Thanks Joe. I might have to keep a close eye on Rocky. And I know he is feeling better too, but I'll be there just in case. Thanks again, Love Mati

Paco: Thanks for your thoughts. We love your profile picture. It shows such grace and form jumping thru the hoop and all. I bet Rocky wishes he can do that. Thanks again, Love Mati

Mona, Jacks and Toby: Thanks for your prayers. We can use all we can get. Plus, I think they are working! We will stop by to see yoru blog soon. Thanks again, Mati and Rocky

Ferndoggle said...

Oh Rockstar....sorry to hear about your sore hips. I've been getting creaky in my old(ish) age & Mom stared giving me Gluc/Chond & MSM every morning with my breakfast. It's made me feel so much better...I'm even picking fights with the girls again!

Mati is a good sister to watch over you like that. My sisters wouldn't do that for me.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Rockie, Glad to hear you're doing better. It's nice that you have two girls watching over you. I used to have a Golden Retriever friend named Ceilidh. I don't think she ever had her teeth cleaned because she never tried to show them off. I have seen that Husky-Don King impression though. There are a few dogs around here who do that one. What was he, the Elvis of Dogland?? I just ignore them -- too cliche. Besides, I could take every one of them if I wanted to. But never Mati. I would never mess with your sis. Besides, we all know she's a sweetie.

Mati said...

Sherman: Thanks so much for your thoughts! Dad gives me Glu/Cond with msm too. He's been giving me that for a couple years now. He even takes them too, we are glucosomine buddies! Don't be too hard on your sisters, they would help if you really needed it I'm sure! Thanks again Sherman! With lots of tough-GSD love, Rocky.

Sophie: Isn't that a kick! Ceilidh is not a real common name too. And the Don-King thing - i didn't know it was so wide spread! And yes, Mati is a total sweetheart with Dad and I, but she walked in here back in February and flat-out told me she was boss. I tried to say different, but she assured me. I know she's the boss, but I like to push buttons from time to time. It makes me happy. Dad has pushed her buttons on purpose to see how far she would go - and to see how vicious she really is... and he found out as you can see by the scars on his right hand. He didn't even get mad or anything. I don't get bipeds sometimes. Oh well,
Thanks again, Love Rocky

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rocky.
I am sure that with your meds and the love of Mati and your dad you will feel better soon!
I don't want you to be in pain!
Ceilidh sure is cute!
Have a good night
Kisses for you, Mati and your dad.

The Army of Four said...

Ceilidh is adorable! You guys are great to take care of her!
The picture of the two of you and Ducky is simply beautiful! I can tell how much Mati loves you - what a wonderful sister!
Feel better, Rock! We love you!
Tail wags,

Mati said...

Lorenza: Thanks! It so nice to get such warm thoughts and kisses! -Love Rock

Ao4: Mati does love me! We even paw'd each other in the back yard this morning. We played for a minute or too - Mati was so happy, she even ate breakfast with me! Woo! Thanks Stormy! Love Rocky

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We hope you get to feeling even better soon. Stairs are really tricky, so be careful on them, okay? I understand about not wanting to be picked up though. Mom picked me up a couple days ago and to show her my feelings about being picked up, I dribbled a little pee on her.

That's really nice that you are letting Ceilidh stay at your house. I wasn't too nice when Ulee was at our house so I understand how Mati probably feels. But you two are super nice pups to share your house.



Hi again Rocky and Mati,
Just wanted to say thanks for the link to the super beagle. We remember seeing a reinactment of that story here on TV. Smart little beagle hey.
Jazz and Dixie

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

We tagged you both for a new game - check out the blog for a clue!

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

We tagged you both for a new game - check out the blog for a clue!

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hi there Rocky and Mati

Just dropping by to see if you are both ok.