Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On our walk this morning, we were escorted by a Robin. Robin decided not to fly anywhere, but to walk ahead of us instead. So we decided to follow her. Robin would hop hop hop ahead and then stop and look at us. Then, hop hop hop and stop again. See her hopping along on the curb...?

Hey Robin! Where are you going? We turn left here, we don't cross the street!

There you go, up the walk way...don't get too far ahead...

Hey, we keep going, where are you going now? Are you in that shrub on the ground?


Well, anyway, it was an exceptional walk this morning. Dad took us an additional block. He said the weather was good, so we wouldn't get too hot.

By for now! Rockstar


Joe Stains said...

too bad Robin didnt lead you to the pizza shop or some place cool!

Mati said...

Yeah Joe! I'm with you on that!

The Army of Four said...

What would a robin order on a pizza? Dried worms? Ooooh, I love dried worms on the sidewalk. Great protein. It seems to bother my mom for some reason. Woo.
PS: Rocky, my sisters love your ears.

Mati said...

Dried Worms, how yum-ish although, I've never tried them myself. Thanks Dave, Am, Stormy - It's what God gave me, and they work great to help keep an ear on Dad when he's not in the same room!