Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh Yawn....

Yawn. Mati here. It was another mean awful morning... I must stay in bed a little longer. Daddy's mean work place that keeps him prisoner from us calls him in the wee hours of the morning, breaking up my beauty sleep!

And then, there's Rocky. He moved to the family room where he could keep an eye out the back door in case something happens. See his hot spot on his right leg? Poor guy, I'm glad I don't have them!

Back to sleep. It’s so nice and quiet in the house in the morning. I think I might sleep until the afternoon. zzzzzz- Love Mati


Joe Stains said...

I HATE when my sleep is interrupted for ANY reason. It is the most important thing I do all day.

Mati said...

Oh YAWN... me too. It's work. Part of my sleep is to hold up the front door. You know, security control. It's very important. Back to work... -Rocky

Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

It's tough sleepin in around here. Mati, our early riser, Foster Misty, looks soooo much like you! You could be related! And Guinness & Rocky look a like too, but not as much. Misty is very energetic and kisses everyone up and the grumpy crack of dawn.

The Army of Four said...

Poor Rocky! Woo! We hope his hot spot clears up!
Mati - you are looking SO good! What a peaceful sleepy pose!
OH! And TAG, you're it! See our post today (2 JUL) for details!

Mati said...

Our Family: Thanks for the post! Wow what fun! I (Rocky) am Mr. Schedule and didn't know how to give a kiss for years. Now I can give kiss with or without licking your face! Mati too is a lovey girl, however, she does have a mean streak in her - wooo, got to watch out! Mati is doing so much better since her adoption in January. I think she has settled in!

AO4: Thank you! And oh what a bummer, I was TAG'd and didn't know it! Someone has been working alot this week and hasn't been helping if you know what I mean! Ok, see my 4th of July for my TAG results!