Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I am the Rockstar I say

That's right, I am I say! Happy Independence Day everyone!

3 July's ago, I was featured on the cover of a "Grocery Store" free magazine celebrating the fourth of course! There I was sitting in my living room waiting for my photo shoot when Robin the photographer took a picture of me looking out the the direction of our flag! That was not the intention of the photo shoot, but it caught Robin's eye... and long story short... here I am!

They even wrote up a nice little story about how I got to stay with my Dad.....

I can't recall, but I think Zim, Dave, Amber, or Storms of the AO4 told this story once before.... Anywho, Mati and I wish everyone a safe a happy Fourth!

Love Rock and Mati

PS: I've been TAG'd by the AO4 so here goes:

1) I am 10 and Mati is 12.

2) Dad heard I needed a home badly. (and actually had tried to adopt me in 1999 but the family refused to give me up - I was in Jail!) So, in 2001 Dad just pulled up in what we affectionately call the "LTC" (Lincoln town car) and I just hopped right in the back seat. Dad closed the door and we drove off! It was that simple and that fast!! Thank God!

Mati was adopted in January of this year from a co-worker of Dad. I'm soo glad she is here! We really get along!

3) In the past, I would go into the refrigerator to get something to eat when I was upset. Since Mati has been here, I haven't done that!

Mati is food assertive. If I drop food (biscuits), she swoops in and takes it away! Darn.

4) I love my walks! (But Dad doesn't let us walk too far). Mati absolutely demands a walk! Wow, I thought I was bad!

5) I have arthritis in the hips. Mati, although older, is like a pup. She is the bee's knees!

6) I keep an eye on my Dad. If I am outside by myself, I have to come inside to check on him every 15 minutes or so. Sometimes Dad plays a trick on me and hides. Then I start to panic checking every room...sheeesh! What does he think this is a game? Mati loves to sit outside with me too.

7) I can hear my Dad whisper a command from across the yard, and I snap to attention! Mati on the other hand is what Dad calls her ... an "Independent thinker". She can hear him, looks at him, but decides if that is what she wants to do. Oh boy.

Bonus TAG item: I love my Dad. (And Mati too)


The Army of Four said...

We LOVE that picture of you, Rocky!!! We did post that, back before you started blogging! Sorry, I forget how to do a hyperlink here. Woo.
You don't open the magic cold box now that Mati is there? How funny. Is it because you don't want to share the secret treats it guards with her? Maybe you just did it because you were lonely!
Great post!

Mati said...

Dave! Wow, that was a long time ago that you posted that! Thanks again! Yes, actually I pretend that I don't know that the new Black Magic cold box is a Magic cold box! (Dad still has the old one there too - but I haven't gone in the old one either). I now call the new one "that new black magic". The old one is white with lots of teeth marks embedded on the door. If I try to share food with Mati, she just snaps it up and I have to walk away hungry.... -Rocky

The Army of Four said...

Hey Rocky! Please tell Mati that Ammy and I have awarded her a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award! Ha rooooooo! Stop by our blog for details!
Tail wags,

Mati said...

Storm - Sorry for the delay. Dad got rid of his desk! How am I supposed to use the computer? Sheesh! Thanks for the RGB award. I'll See you at your blog. - Mati