Sunday, April 29, 2007

No really, I'm ok.

Dad keeps asking why I put myself in tight positions when there is plenty of space to lay down...

I don't understand - and Mati seems to have no trouble with it. Although she does step on me alot. That I don't get!

Well anywho, Happy Queen's Day (Queen Juliana (1909-2004), Netherlands). If you would like to see a live Cam feed of the Sittard Square - there are 3 live feeds at this site: Camera #2 has multiple shots you can select and zoom in on via the little boxes. It's pretty cool. I think I could live there - and watch all the people go by in the square. I love watching people. It's my job. I think they would love to see me as much as I would them!


Joe Stains said...

humans will never understand us, they should just give up!

Mati said...

Really Joe! And all those neat, clean, crisp beds! How can anyone sleep like that?