Monday, April 2, 2007

Ah huh....

When Dad arrived home tonight ... this is what he found on the floor.

The strange thing is... When Dad went to the fridge, the box of biscuits was still on top of the fridge. Hmmm. Where did this box come from Dad wondered. "Hmmm" he said. Then he looked for his car keys. "Did you take the car out and go buy biscuits again?" he asked. I could not tell a lie. I just looked in the other direction like I didn't know what he was saying. Then he continued "You remember when you took the car out twice in one day and ate 3 whole 1 lb boxes of Milkbones?" "And to think I was going to treat you and go to the District to take photos with the Cherry Blossoms tomorrow."

I hope we go, I would hate to miss out on that. The one question I have is - why does he think it was me and not Mati??


Joe Stains said...

you HAVE to teach me how to drive!!!!

Mati said...

Oh it's so easy! Once you work out the pedal thing and how to roll down the window to hang outside - your good to go!

The Army of Four said...

Rocky! First I learn you can open the magic cold box and now you can DRIVE?!?! I've been trying to learn how for YEARS now! I blogged about it a week or so ago. Pup, how I want to learn how! I thought I just had to sit in the car and start singing like Mom does ... and then it would go! ???
Play bows,