Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank Goodness

We are thankful the Police have re-opened the case against Bear Bear's killer:

As Quoted from the Baltimore Sun;

"[...the department still has not named the officer, who they said fired his personal weapon in the shooting.

Police released a statement Friday saying that after further investigation, the officer's "legal authority to carry a firearm became questionable."

Police initially closed the incident, and said that the state's attorney's office, after reviewing the case, instructed the officers not to file charges.

The investigation into the dog park shooting was reopened Wednesday on the demand of County Executive John R. Leopold, who said a "thorough investigation is warranted." He said, "The priority is to insure the dog parks are safe havens for the dogs and their owners." ...]


The Army of Four said...

This whole thing makes my blood boil!
Hope you are doing well!!!

ricknyman said...


"SEVERN, Md. - Anger is building in Maryland after an off-duty police officer shot and killed a family pet at a dog park.

We have learned the identity of the off-duty police officer who shot and killed the dog named Bear at a dog park Monday night, but we did not get Keith Shephard's name from the local police. They refused to give us the officer's name."

ricknyman said...

More commentary on the officer's actions.