Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rest In Peace Bear Bear

Bear-Bear, a Red and white Husky was about three years old. He was playing in an off-leash park when a coward - a federal officer with a gun arrived with his german shepherd. The two dogs started playing. The officer pulled out his gun and shot the dog not giving Bear Bear's owner any time to get her dog. The german shepherd didn't have a scratch on him, as one paper reported. There was no need to kill Bear Bear. This man is obviously a coward who needs a gun to express himself. He doesn't deserve to have a dog, shouldn't have a weapon, and belongs in jail. Perhaps justice will be done - I hope Bear Bear's owners take him to court. But being he's a police officer, they will probably promote him and give him an award. This federal officer, who I noticed not one paper has his name printed, is scum in the cesspool of life.


Lorenza said...

My mom said some bad words to that "man" when she read about Bear Bear.
I hope justice will be done!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Sharper said...

I read about this yesterday. I was very upset and couldn't imagine being at the dog park, watching my dogs play and have a good time and then someone shot them right in front of me. I rushed home during my lunch hour to give my dogs extra hugs. Poor Bear Bear.

Mike and Mati said...

Thank you Lorenza. We hope everyone speaks out about this. It appears public pressure is working! Some kind of justice needs to be done.

Thanks Sharper. I gave Mati tons of kisses too. I felt like she knew.