Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mati - Dec 15, 1994 - June 10, 2011

Most of you probably know, but thought I would post; On Friday, the 10th of June at 11:15 AM, sweet Mati passed away after 16 and one-half years. It was a matter of happenstance that I was with her at the time of her passing. We had just arrived home and she was taking a nap. I was by her side when she simply slipped away.

She was a loving and sweet girl and I loved her so very much. She came to Rocky and I needing a home. She became a sister to Rocky and he loved her too. They were as thick as thieves. He would steal food and she would eat it. They enjoyed each other’s company and slept side by side. Mati was the leader of the house. First and foremost with Rocky, and then ultimately with me. She told me what she needed and I was all too happy to oblige. It was fun to watch Rocky and Mati get to know each other. The canine power-shift was fast. Rocky thought he was going to lead the pack when she came to join our family…and oh how that was not the case. Rocky quickly stepped back and allowed Mati to rule… and so she did.

Unfortunately, immediately following Rocky passing, she was diagnosed with Cancer.

I have so many wonderful stories and memories of Mati. I would beep her nose and she would get so angry. But if I stopped, she would start wagging her tail and shove her nose into my hand.

I think I did all I could to give her a good and quality life. She and I spent roughly 1,300 hours in the car together, driving to and from “her offices” (her animal hospitals). She really enjoyed the drive and her hospital rounds. For Halloween she wore scrubs and a stethoscope. Her daily rounds not only included saying hello to Doctors, Technicians, and Staff, but she was also good at pointing out food along the way. The kitchen was usually her first stop.

She will always be in my heart, but I know she continues being happy, with Rocky, and free from disease.

Thanks to everyone that followed their lives, I wish you well, and I look forward to seeing your posts on your blogs!


The Army of Four said...

You gave her more than most bipeds would ever consider! You gave her LOVE and a great, fun life! (We're sorry you hadn't adopted her yet when Rocky ransacked the gingerbread house village - oh, the fun she would have had with him on that caper!) You took her in at a time in her life when she really needed you - and we'll never forget how careful you were, how attentive to not diminishing Rocky's quality of life! We just know the two of them are together now, frolicking like healthy puppies, playing with all those who went before them.
When we get to see you next time, feel free to beep my nose in Mati's honor -- but know that I probably goose you in the backside for it! HA roo roo roo!!!
Play bows,
PS: Everyone else sends lots of love!!!

Mike and Mati said...

Thanks Zim. You are a gooser, I would expect nothing less! -M

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roughseasinthemed said...

I guess I've always been expecting this post, but nonetheless still so sad to read it. When I scroll down my blogroll I always look for a few faves, and Rocky - and Mati's - was one of them.

I loved to read about Rocky and Mati, such gorgeous dogs and you always seemed to have such a loving home together.

Not sure what else to say, except, I've missed your blog posts, and will do so even more now knowing there wont be any more or any of those lovely photos either.

Poor old Pippadog is reduced to blogging once a month these days. I suppose I should write him something as he's not been online since mid-July!

He sends her one last little tiny kiss.

Sweet Mati

Katherine and Pippa

ra husky said...

Soft husky woooos mates,