Sunday, January 28, 2007


Rooo all! Rocky here. Finally got Dad to help me with the 
computer and get my own blog. 
We adopted my sister, Mati (pronounced Mah-Tee) today
and thought - well, as good a time as ever. I had to show
my new sister how to sit on the sofa. She said she didn't
do that where she came from (by I know better - she hopped
up there like a real pro.) She came with a crate and a bed. Dad says he may have to get rid of the crate and bed because
she's real picky about who can go near them. I don't mind, I'll
share my sofa and she can keep the crate (it's too small
for me anyway!).  Thanks for visiting and on behalf of
Mati, have a good nite.


The Army of Four said...

Rocky! WOW, a new sister! You and your dad ROCK giving Mati a new home! We wish you tons and tons of happiness!!!
Don't give up on the magic cold box. We bet you'll find a way to crack it!
Can we add your link to our side bar?!?!?
Tail wags from all of us,

Mati said...

Thanks a bunch for visiting Stormy! Dad says he's got a leaner now too! You know I don't care so much for that cuddly stuff, but that's ok with me!

Sure, add our link to your side bar, that would be grreat!

Thanks again,

Ann said...

For Mati ....

Welcome to the neighborhood, Mati!

You have a great new family! Your Dad is very loving and patient, and your brother likes to have company and is very good at sharing. You will be happy in your new home!

I'll look for you at the window,


Ann said...

Wow, Rocky - a cool blog for a cool dog!

Congratulations on the new addition to your family. She is a very lucky girl, to be able to share your Dad with you, and to have you as her brother.

We look forward to reading about more of your adventures, and will check your blog frequently.

George, Ann, Joe and Ceilidh

Mati said...

Thanks Ceilidh for your kind words. My new Dad and little brother Rocky seem nice. We got to sleep in this morning and then on our first walk. That was great! Thank your Mom for me too! Mati

FLCouzins said...

Hey Mati - all that's missing is the American Flag in the window!

Mati said...

I rec'd your second message about the American Flag. Yes, you are correct. The flag is indeed in the window in the other photo. What you can't see is the U.S. Marine flag which can't be seen from that point of view. Dad sometimes puts out the U.S. Army flag since he works there, but the Marine flag is there in Honor of your boy Brian. HOOAH!

Joe Stains said...

HI Rocky! I came on over from the Army of Four to say hello!